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Santer Commission

Mandate: 1995-1999
Jacques SANTER Jacques Santer
Ref: P-002736 /01-31A
Date: 01/06/1999
Sir Leon BRITTAN Sir Leon Brittan
Ref: P-000453 /07-20
Date: 16/12/1994
Manuel MARIN Manuel Marin
Ref: P-000453 /02-19A
Date: 16/12/1994
Martin BANGEMANN Martin Bangemann
Ref: P-000453 /01-11
Date: 16/12/1994
Ritt BJERREGAARD Ritt Bjerregaard
Ref: P-000453 /03-16
Date: 16/12/1994
Emma BONINO Emma Bonino
Ref: P-000459 /00-1
Date: 20/12/1994
Hans van den BROEK Hans van den Broek
Ref: P-000453 /05-33A
Date: 16/12/1994
Edith CRESSON Edith Cresson
Ref: P-001278 /01-20A
Date: 18/06/1997
Franz FISCHLER Franz Fischler
Ref: P-000756 /07-2
Date: 01/11/1995
Pádraig FLYNN Pádraig Flynn
Ref: P-000453 /05-15A
Date: 16/12/1994
Anita GRADIN Anita Gradin
Ref: P-000453 /04-25A
Date: 16/12/1994
Erkki LIIKANEN Erkki Liikanen
Ref: P-000453 /07-4
Date: 16/12/1994
Karel van MIERT Karel van Miert
Ref: P-000453 /01-7A
Date: 16/12/1994
Mario MONTI Mario Monti
Ref: P-000453 /02-26A
Date: 16/12/1994
Marcelino OREJA Marcelino Oreja
Ref: P-000453 /06-3A
Date: 16/12/1994
João de DEUS PINHEIRO João de Deus Pinheiro
Ref: P-000457 /00-1
Date: 20/12/1994
Yves-Thibault de SILGUY Yves-Thibault de Silguy
Ref: P-002574 /17-32A
Date: 31/12/1998
Monika WULF-MATHIES Monika Wulf-Mathies
Ref: P-002270 /00-02
Date: 1998
COMMISSION Round table, (from the right under the flag, in a clockwise ...
Ref: P-000488 /02-13
Date: 01/02/1995

Investment plan

Fri 06/03
European Commission - Top news Top Top Brussels, 06 March 2015 Background notes from the Spokesperson’s service for journalists The European Commission reserves the right to make changes 9/3: The Commission releases the 2015 edition of the Justice Scoreboard 14-18/3: Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 18/3: Commission to...
Fri 06/03
European Commission - Commissioners' weekly activities Brussels, 06 March 2015 (Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine) Lundi 9 mars European Parliament plenary session, Strasbourg (9-12/3). EPSCO Council. Mr Frans Timmermans receives Mr Pier Carlo Padoan, Minister of Economy and Finances of Italy.
Fri 06/03
European Commission - Daily News Daily News 06 / 03/ 2015 Brussels, 06 March 2015 EUROSTAT: Second estimate for the fourth quarter of 2014; GDP up by 0.3% in the euro area and by 0.4% in the EU28; +0.9% and +1.3% respectively compared with the fourth quarter of 2013 Seasonally...
Fri 06/03
European Commission - Speech - [Check Against Delivery] 06 March 2015 Thank you Good afternoon to all of you It's a great pleasure to be back after two years. When I was last here two years ago, I talked about Britain and why I believe it is better for the...
Fri 06/03
European Commission - EUROSTAT Brussels, 06 March 2015 Seasonally adjusted GDP rose by 0.3% in the euro area (EA18) and by 0.4% in the EU28 during the fourth quarter of 2014, compared with the previous quarter, according to a second estimate published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European...
Thu 05/03
European Commission - Press release Brussels, 05 March 2015 Today the Commission is opening the call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to help finance key trans-European energy infrastructure projects.
Thu 05/03
European - Press release Commission Brussels, 05 March 2015 Ahead of International Women's Day (8 March), the European Commission is reaffirming its commitment to tackle gender inequalities across the EU. According to new Eurobarometer statistics published today, a large majority of citizens (76%) believe that tackling inequality between women and...
Thu 05/03
European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 05 March 2015 What do the EU Treaties say about gender equality? The Treaty of Rome in 1957 already included the principle of equal pay for equal work. (Article 119 EEC, then 141 EC, now Article 157 TFEU).
Thu 05/03
European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 05 March 2015 Energy infrastructure is usually financed by the market and through tariffs paid by users. However, in order to meet the challenge of interconnecting all EU Member States by 2020 and the €200 billion needed to that end, the European Union has...
Thu 05/03
European Commission - Daily News Daily News 05 / 03 / 2015 Brussels, 05 March 2015 Completing the Internal Energy Market: €100 million released to connect European energy networks Today the Commission is opening the annual call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to help finance key trans-European...

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