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EMU - Finnish face of Euro coins: cloudberry, swans and heraldic lion

Three designs were chosen in December 1997 for the national face of the euro coins to be minted in Finland. The theme of the coin for 2 euros is a cloudberry, and the coin for 1 euro displays a scene of two swans flying over a lake, while all euro cent denominations portray the Finnish heraldic lion.

The designs derive from entries submitted to earlier coin design competitions held in Finland. With nature, the theme of existing Finnish coins, being construed as typical of Finnish coins, it was felt that this theme should be continued. It was decided that the number of designs would be restricted since the introduction of the euro will in itself increase the number of different coins (from the current five coins to eight in all).

The design on the 2 euros coin is based on an entry for a metal coins competition held in 1988 made by the late artist Raimo Heino, while the national face of the 1 euro coin is based on an award-winning proposal by artist Pertti Mäkinen from a competition for a coin in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Finnish independence. The heraldic lion on the euro cents was designed by sculptor Heikki Häiväoja and was used in the Finnish 1 markka coins between 1964-1993.



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