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Unveiling of the Bust of Alexander Dubček by Martin SCHULZ, EP President
Reference: I-130782
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 01:46

Reference: I-130698
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 01:09

Reference: I-131134
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 08:38

RECORDED General Affairs Council - National briefings and doorsteps
Departure doorstep (in English) by Ann LINDE, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs and Trade
Reference: I-131151
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 04:44

Closing statement by Cecilia Malmström, Member of the EC, on Textile protocol with Uzbekistan, extracts from the plenary session of the EP
Reference: I-131122
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 03:52

Closing statement by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the EC, on General revision of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, extracts from the plenary session of the EP
Reference: I-131094
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 06:14

Reference: I-131114
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 06:27

Reference: I-131095
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 02:45

Reference: I-128417
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 01:07

LIVE General Affairs Council - Press conference Slovak Presidency and European Commission
Press conference opening remarks by Miroslav LAJCAK, Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Reference: I-130949
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 06:23

Reference: I-130602
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 58:50

Opening statement by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the EC, and Miguel Arias Cañete, Member of the EC, on "Clean Energy for All" package, extracts from the plenary session of the EP
Reference: I-130586
Date: 13/12/2016
Duration: 12:30

33326 Results
 53  of  2778 

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Fri 13/01
European Commission - Upcoming events The news: The 2017 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos will take place from 17 to 20 January. This year's meeting will put the focus on “Responsive and Responsible Leadership”.
Tue 17/01
- Press release European Commission Brussels, 17 January 2017 Spain, currently in the corrective arm, considered broadly compliant with the Stability and Growth Pact in 2017; Lithuania, in the preventive arm, deemed at risk of non-compliance pending the assessment of requested flexibility.
Tue 17/01
European Commission - Press release Brussels, 17 January 2017 Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and United States Trade Representative Michael Froman have today published a joint assessment of the progress made in the negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) since negotiations started in July 2013.
Tue 17/01
European Commission - Daily News Daily News 17 / 01 / 2017 Brussels, 17 January 2017 Mario Monti presents recommendations on the future financing of the EU Today, Mario Monti presents to the College of Commissioners the conclusions on the future financing of the EU, drawn up by an independent...
Tue 17/01
European Commission - EUROSTAT Brussels, 17 January 2017 The European Union (EU) surplus in trade in services fell in 2015 for the second year in a row. It stood at €145.9 bn, compared with €170.4 bn in 2014 and a peak of €177.7 bn in 2013.
Mon 16/01
European Commission - Daily News Daily News 16 / 01 / 2017 Brussels, 16 January 2017 Le marché américain s'ouvre de nouveau au bœuf français: déclaration des Commissaires Cecilia Malmström, Vytenis Andriukaitis et Phil Hogan Les Etats-Unis ont annoncé la levée de l'embargo sur les importations de viande bovine en...
Mon 16/01
European Commission - EUROSTAT Brussels, 16 January 2017 The first estimate for euro area (EA19) exports of goods to the rest of the world in November 2016 was €184.2 billion, an increase of 6% compared with November 2015 (€173.8 bn).
Fri 13/01
European Commission - Commissioners' weekly activities Brussels, 13 January 2017 (Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine) Déplacements et visites   Lundi 16 janvier 2017 President Jean-Claude Juncker receives Mr Joseph Daul, President of the European People's Party (EPP); and Mr Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group in the...
Fri 13/01
European - Press release Commission Brussels, 13 January 2017 The European Commission has today granted a request by the Republic of Moldova by proposing a Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) programme of up to EUR 100 million. The proposed assistance would help the country meet its short-term financing needs.
Fri 13/01
- Press release European Commission Brussels, 13 January 2017 Mr Keit Kasemets has been appointed as the new Head of the Commission Representation in Tallinn. Mr Keit Kasemets will take up office as the new Head of the European Commission Representation in Estonia on 16 January 2017.

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