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Brussels, 26/12/2014
Freight Transport
Ref : I-054975 / Duration : 05:10 / Distribution Date: 16/10/2007 / Format: 16:9
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As road freight in the EU is set to increase dramatically by 2020, the EU's trans-European transport network aims to unblock major transport routes and ensure sustainable transport by offering alternatives to road transport.
Emphasis is placed on the transport of freight by rail and water, which represents a viable and less costly alternative to new infrastructure on saturated overland corridors.
To illustrate a press conference on the logistics package to be held on 18/10/2007, the European Commission's audiovisual service is producing an infoclip which will illustrate:
-           motorway traffic
-           transport of container trailers by train between Le Boulou (France) and Bettembourg (Luxembourg);
-           freight transport in Zeebrugge harbour (Belgium);
-           Barge transport
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