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EU - Horizon 2020 - 2013
Reference : I-075812    Duration : 48:00    Distribution Date: 06/05/2013    Format: 16:9
The month of May 2013 has been declared the European Month of the Brain by the EU Directorate General for Research and development (RTD), DG Connect and DG SANCO, who between them have nearly 120 projects related to the brain.
The Audiovisual  Services of the European Commission will release on Monday 06/05/2013 a comprehensive video stock shot on EU research including the work of Nobel Laureates in the field of Physics entitled   EU: Research – Horizon 2020, Part one . These video stock shots contain images of a project on the brain. Called Brain Safe it is a non -invasive measurement device for the brain for routine clinical care which eliminates risk associated with standard invasive methods.
The Horizon 2020 stock shot is 48 minutes long and covers the best research to transform bright ideas into real products. The projects are from the current FP 7 programme and include  top-end research, ensuring food safety and security, developing sustainable transport and mobility and other projects dealing with societal challenges. The Horizon 2020 programme will run from 2014 till 2020
The pictures include   :
- Solar cells producing electric charges through light absorption of natural dyes
- Laser polymer welding
- Robotics
- Bespoke design of garments using the web
- Safety of food packaging
- Road safety using convoys of cars led by a leading controlling vehicle for road safety. 
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