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Departments' Management Plans & Activity Reports

Departmental management plans set out policy objectives for the year ahead. Activity reports show how far the previous year's objectives were achieved and what resources were used.

Management plans

Every year, each Commission department establishes a management plan that translates its long-term strategy into general and specific objectives, reflecting:

The purpose of the management plan is to:

  • help Commission departments align their own objectives on the Commission's overall policy objectives
  • plan and manage activities to achieve objectives, using resources efficiently
  • set performance indicators for monitoring progress during the year
  • identify the main risks which may have an impact on achieving objectives and suggest how to address them
  • provide a basis for reporting on results in the annual activity report
  • draw conclusions from lessons learnt from past experience.

Annual activity reports

The activity reports enable the Commission to assess how its departments have performed in managing resources and achieving objectives.

The reports serve as:

  • an account of how key policy objectives and core activities have been achieved, and the corresponding resources used.
  • a report covering all aspects of management.
  • a declaration of assurance by the heads of department (Directors-General) that all financial transactions under their responsibility were legal and correct.

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