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Planning and preparing

The Commission plans its work, including the drafting of new legislation, based on the political priorities set by the President.

Planning work

At Commission level:  The Commission work programme shows how the Commission plans to give practical effect to the political priorities set out by the President.

Preparing legislation

Before proposing legislation the Commission takes stock of existing laws and conducts an impact assessment to evaluate the potential economic, social and environmental consequences of any new initiative.  New situations and issues developing in Europe and possible implications for the new legislation are also taken into account.

The Commission must also consult interested parties and other institutions for their views and seek the opinions of national parliaments and governments.

To be notified by e-mail on new roadmaps and/or public consultations, subscribe to Commission at work – Notifications or, if you represent an organization or are a self-employed individual carrying out activities influencing the policy and decision-making processes of the EU institutions, to the EU Transparency Register.

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