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Protection of Minors- video games - hearing

Hearing on video games and protection of minors
Brussels, 8 July 2009

2008 - The Communicationvideo gamer

In April 2008, the Commission with its Communication on video games signalled the growing importance of video games both in social and economic terms and explicitly showcased the video games industry, arguing that it is about to become a major pillar of European media culture.

Successful commercial development must evolve hand-in-hand with improved protection of minors; so the Communication strongly underlined the importance of graduated access using age classifications. The Commission welcomed progress to date, but called for further improvements and greater awareness of existing protection systems.

July 2009 -  Hearing on video games and the protection of minors

On 8 July 2009, Commissioner Reding, experts and relevant stakeholders met in order to assess progress towards improved protection of minors and identify further measures as necessary.
Panel discussions were organised on the following topics: 

Agenda of the meeting pdf English

Keynote speech by Ms. Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media, European Commission.

Presentations made at the hearing:

Panel 1 - Raising awareness among parents and consumers

Mr. Peter Behrens pdf
Video games and young people - Results of the JIM-Study
Raising awareness among parents and consumers - Safer Internet Centre Germany - klicksafe

Mr. Zdenek Zalis pdf
Czech National Safer Internet Centre

Mr. Paul Fox pdf
Microsoft’s ‘Play Smart, Play Safe!’ Campaign

Panel 2 - Online Games: particular risks, specific responses?

Mr. Jeffrey Goldstein pdf
Video games: Effects and applications

Mr. Martijn Huigsloot pdf
NICAM and PEGI Online

Panel 3 - Towards a pan-European Code of Conduct for the retail sale of video games

Mr. Willem van Teeseling pdf
BURO 240a - Fulfilment and enforcement - A Dutch approach

Mr. Marcin Turski pdf
SPIDOR - Retail campaign rules


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