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External Policy - Cooperation

International cooperation

International cooperation is becoming an increasingly important part of EU audiovisual policy. It seeks to promote:

Most international agreements framing the relations between the EU and its partners in the world include cooperation in the audiovisual field.

The expertise gained by the EU in the development of its internal audiovisual policy and support mechanisms motivates the interest of our partners in developing cooperation in this field.

This is an area where EU action must ensure complementarity with, and provide an added value to, the cooperation actions undertaken by the EU Member States. Thus, contacts are ongoing, to define topics and matters to be broached with our partners world-wide regarding cooperation in this field.

Examples of regional cooperation initiatives

Eastern Europe / Mediterranean / Caucasus

dartsee European Neighbourhood Policy

Latin America

MERCOSUR Audiovisual, or RECAM (1) as it is officially called, was created by the MERCOSUR authorities in December 2003 to promote audiovisual cooperation within the region.

In the context of the Interregional Framework Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Mercosur of 1995 currently in-force, the EU is in contact with RECAM’s Secretariat to provide technical assistance based on the expertise gathered by the EU during the development of its audiovisual policy and mechanisms.

The guiding principles and objectives of MERCOSUR Audiovisual coincide substantially with those of the EU, and the development and consolidation of this project should have positive consequences for MERCOSUR's audiovisual industry, its regional integration and cultural diversity. It will contribute as well to the mutual knowledge of the cultures of the two sides and the furthering of cooperation and exchanges in the audiovisual field between the EU and MERCOSUR.


(1) In Spanish: Reunión Especializada de Autoridades Cinematográficas y Audiovisuales del MERCOSUR (Special Conference of Cinema and Audiovisual Authorities of  MERCOSUR)

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