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1. Period 1960 - 1969: The run-up to the Barre Plan


9 March 1960

Council Decision on coordination of the 'conjunctural ' policies of the Member States

  -  OJ 31, 9.5.1960

11 May 1960

First Council Directive of 11 May 1960 for the implementation of Article 67 of the Treaty (capital movements)

    - OJ 43, 12.7.1960
- Compendium, p. 113


Monetary policy instruments in the countries of the EEC (study based on joint work by the national monetary authorities and the Commission Directorate‑General for Monetary and Financial Affairs — 279 pages)
      published by the EC Official Publications Office under No 8051/1/VII/1962/5

24 October 1962

Commission memorandum on the Community action programme during the second stage: Chapter VIII on monetary policy
      published by the EC Official Publications Office under No 8067/1/XI/1962/5

18 December 1962

Second Council Directive of 18 December 1962 adding to and amending the First Directive for the implementation of Article 67 of the Treaty (capital movements)

          - OJ 9, 22.1.1963
 - Compendium, p. 127

15 April 1964

Council Decision of 15 April 1964 establishing a Medium‑term Economic Policy Committee (64/247/EEC)

          - OJ 64, 22.4.1964
- Compendium, p. 94

8 May 1964

Council Decision of 8 May 1964 on cooperation between the central banks of the Member States of the European Economic Community (64/300/EEC)

          - OJ 77, 21.5.1964, p. 1206
- Compendium, p. 47

8 May 1964

Council Decision of 8 May 1964 on cooperation between Member States in the field of international monetary relations (64/301/EEC)

          - OJ 77, 21.5.1964, p. 1207

8 May 1964

Declaration of 8 May 1964 of the representatives of the Governments of the Member States of the European Economic Community, meeting within the Council, on the prior consultations between Member States in the event of changes in the exchange‑rate parities of their currencies (64/306/EEC)

          - OJ 78, 22.5.1964
- Compendium, p. 53

30 September 1964

"1964 initiative": Commission communication to the Council and to Member States' governments

      doc. COM(64)400, 30.9.1964

28 November 1966

"Dichgans Report" on Monetary Union

(Rapport sur l'activité de la Communauté dans le domaine de la politique monétaire et la création d'une union monétaire européenne)

- EP, 1966-67 Doc.138, Par. 3, 'L'Union Monétaire'

11 April 1967

Medium‑term economic policy programme 1966‑70 (67/264/EEC)

      OJ 79, 25.4.1967

5 December 1968

Commission memorandum to the Council (presented on 12 December 1968) concerning the policy that should be pursued within the Community to tackle current economic and monetary problems

      doc. SEC(68)3958 definitive, 5.12.1968

12 December 1968

Council meeting at which the Council acknowledged the need for increased economic policy convergence with the Community and the need to examine the scope for stepping up monetary cooperation

          - Doc. SEC(68)4212, 19.12.1968

15 January 1969

Interim report by the Monetary Committee dealing in particular with economic policy coordination, improvement and strengthening of preliminary procedures, and improvement of the means of information

      Monetary Committee doc. No 843/1/II/69, 15.1.1969

12 February 1969

Commission memorandum to the Council on economic policy coordination and monetary cooperation within the Community (Barre Plan)

      doc. COM(69)150, 12.2.1969

      Supplement to EC Bulletin, No 3-1969
      published by the EC Official Publications Office under No 4001/2/1969/5

20 March 1969

Commission proposal for a work programme for the Communities. Essential tasks for 1969. Programme for the next three years. The programme comprises a series of Community measures aimed at consolidating the currencies of the Community and monetary solidarity between Member States

      Supplement to EC Bulletin, No 4-1969
      published by the EC Official Publications Office under No 4001/1/1969/5

12 May 1969

Council agreement on the general guidelines for the Communities' work programme, including economic policy coordination and cooperation between Member States

      Second medium‑term economic policy programme (69/157/EEC)
      OJ L 129, 30.5.1969


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