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Lang. Pages Source Author
1971/08/11 "Prospects for a European Monetary Union"  EN 24 II-C-1/HW.ds/11.8.71 (retyped) HW
1971/09/10 "Triffin: Créer un fonds européen de réserves"  FR 1 Article, 10/9/1971 (retyped) Le Monde
1971/09/10 "Gemeinsames Interventionssystem in der EWG" DE 6 Note Otmar Emminger
1971/09/10 "Système commun d'Intervention dans la CEE" FR 6 Note Otmar Emminger
1971/09/15 "Aperçu schématique des système des changes en vigueur dans les pays de la Communauté" FR 4 II-C-1/ AL
1971/09/26 "Un institut d'émission indépendant fait contrepoids aux soucis à court terme des états" FR 1 Article Le Monde
1971/10/29 "Mérites et lacunes d'un système de double marché des changes" FR 8 II-C-1/AL.elb/29.10.1971 (retyped) AL
1971/12/09 "Bank of England Governor on unified currency" EN 1 Articles Press Cut: British Press
1972/01/01 Federal Trust Study Group on European Monetary Integration EN 29 Report Federal Trust Study Group
1972/01/01 "Monetary Policy in the countries of the EEC: Institutions and Instruments" EN 436 Monetary Committee Commission
1972/01/08 Interim Report on Fluctuation Margins between EC currencies ("Snake in the Tunnel") FR 10 Report of Theron Expert Group Com. of Central Bank Governors
1972/01/19 Jean Monnet sends a paper prepared by R. Triffin to Commission President F-M. Malfatti FR 7 Note au Comité d'Action  R. Triffin
1972/02/08 Supplement to the Interim Report FR 11 Report of Theron Expert Group C. of Central Bank Governors
1972/02/24 "Exposé du Président du Comité des Gouverneurs au Conseil" FR 4 OR II/156/72 - F C. of Central Bank Governors
1972/03/07 "Intervention de Monsieur Clappier au Conseil du 6 mars 1972"  FR 5 OR II/153/72-F (retyped) Monetary Committee
1972/03/16 Resolution of the Parliament concerning the realization of EMU by stages FR 6 534/72 (ASS 355) 17-03-1972 Council
1972/03/17 ESC study on monetary problems  FR 21 Compte rendu Economic & Social Committee
1972/03/20 Danish position concerning EMU resolution (translation) FR 3 CONS 74/72 (DX 17) (FIN) (retyped) Gundelach, DK Mission
1972/03/21 Basle Agreement on the multilateral intervention mechanism ("Snake in the Tunnel") FR 4 Annex 1 of third report Groupe Theron
1973/03/02 European Monetary Cooperation Fund, Memo by the Italian Members EN 8 II/152/73-E DG II
1973/04/03 "Regulation establishing a European Monetary Cooperation Fund" EN 4 Regulation (CEE) 907/73 Council
1973/04/30 "Attainment of EMU Progress Report" EN 19 Supplement 5/1973  Commission
1973/06/26 "Umgestaltung des kurzfristigen Währungsbeistandes und Vergemeinschaftung der Reserven" DE 14 SEK (73) 2345 Commission
1973/06/26 Technical note on credit mechanisms and pooling of reserves FR 18 Annexe technique DG II
1973/06/28 Short-term monetary support and policy of reserves EN 17 Supplement, Bulletin 12/1973 Commission
1973/06/28 Council Meeting on EMU, FECOM, short-term monetary assistance and pooling of reserves FR 2 Press Communiqué Council
1973/07/27 Provisional location of the EMCF (FECOM) in Luxembourg FR 4 Letter to the Commission COREPER
1973/08/27 UK postion paper on economic and monetary union EN 9 Study Mr. L. Airey UK Permanent Representation
1973/10/01 European economic integration and monetary unification EN/FR/DE 310 DG II: Research Paper G. Magnifico Report
1973/11/09 Exchange rate risks and pooling of reserves FR 9 II-C-2/ AL.MC.

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