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Stability and Convergence Programmes: an eye on the economics

The Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) coordinates government fiscal policies. While it covers the EU as a whole, it is of particular importance for the euro area. The SGP contains common rules that ensure government debt and deficits are controlled within specific limits chosen to encourage a stable economic environment that will support sustainable growth and employment.
Fruit market © stock.xchngAdopting the euro: economic communication and challenges
The relatively smooth introduction of euro banknotes and coins in 2002 was due in large part to well-planned preparations involving governments, public administrations and representatives of business and consumers. Examples of good practice are being shared with EU-10 administrations as they prepare for the euro; however, there are also lessons to be learned.
The European Council © European CommunitiesThe Spring European Council: gearing for growth
More investment, more jobs and less regulation are key priorities for action, confirm Europe’s leaders. Since the original Lisbon Strategy was launched in 2000, appreciable progress has been made in re-engineering Europe to meet the challenges of the globalised economy. Not enough perhaps, patchy in parts maybe, and not fast enough for some, but nevertheless structural reforms are happening, investment in R&D is rising and growth is heading upwards.
Windmills in Saaremaa, Estonia © stock.xchngThe economies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
As part of a series of profiles covering the Member States’ economies, we look at the three Baltic States. The three gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, and have since undergone major economic and social restructuring in their process of integration with the EU. Reforms continue as each country seeks to consolidate its position within the Union and lay the foundations for euro adoption.