archived on 2013/01/01

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Giving a voice to the most vulnerable

Helping the most vulnerable population around the world is a top priority for the European Commission Department on Humanitarian aid and Civil protection (ECHO).

In its daily work ECHO is reaching to the millions of people in desperate need of help by providing them with basic services in the field. But ECHO is also active at head-quarters level, advocating for the most vulnerable. High-level conferences can be platforms to share information or to mobilise funding and support.

All over the world, the European Commission has repeatedly called for full and independent access for humanitarian workers, so as to ensure that aid is accessible to those for whom it is intended. Victims of natural disasters, displaced people and victims of conflict are entitled to international protection and assistance: the European Commission's objective is to carry loud and clear the voice of those in need.

The European Commission also pays special attention to the victims of long-lasting and protracted crises that no longer attract international attention. 15% of ECHO's annual budget is earmarked to "forgotten crises", humanitarian crises that are neglected by much of the international humanitarian community and public attention. They often affect minorities, refugees and people displaced by violence and armed conflict like those in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Colombia, Yemen, Algeria, Central African Republic, Nepal, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan or Sri Lanka.

To know more about forgotten crises...

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