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Calls for tender 2014

Please note that since 1 May 2013, all tendering documents relating to DG MARKT are published through a unique Commission-wide platform called eTendering.

Prior information notices


B-Brussels: Your Europe Advice - The European Union's free legal advice servicepdf(104 KB)

Calls for Tender

B-Brussels: Real economy financing survey
B-Brussels: Your Europe Advice - The European Union free legal advice service
B-Brussels: Legal review on industrial design protection in Europe.
B-Brussels: Study on the remuneration of authors of books and scientific journals, translators, journalists and visual artists for the use of their works.
B-Brussels: Simplification and mutual recognition in the construction sector under the Services Directive.
B-Brussels: Study on exemptions for third-country central banks and other entities under the Market Abuse Regulation and the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation.
Belgium-Brussels: Measuring the prevalence of occupational regulation in the EU
B-Brussels: The performance of the points of single contact (PSC): an assessment against the PSC Charter.
Belgium-Brussels: Study on access of European Union goods and services to the public procurement markets of third countries
B-Brussels: General assessment of potential economic consequences of country-by-country reporting under Capital Requirements Directive IV

Calls for expressions of interest

Call for expressions of interest in the participation of an expert group on company law

Negotiated calls for tender – low value contracts

Expected calls for tenders for low value contracts between 15.000 € and 60.000 €

Contract NamePurposeIndicative time for call for tenderStatus
Provision of data on the retail market

The European Commission intends to launch a negotiated procedure for low value contract to get access to a detailed and up-to-date database concerning the retail sector. The aim is to ensure a continuous data delivery during a period of one year with the coverage of all EU Member States and the entire retail sector, with hard market data and reports on specific topics such as: Economic performance, Market structure, Market functioning, with a special emphasis on the sector's Regulatory framework and taking into account the distinction between online and offline sales.

November 2014Collection of expressions of interest closed
Crowdfunding: Mapping EU markets and events study

The European Commission intends to launch a negotiated call for tender to gather and analyse data on crowdfunding markets across the EU as well as to analyse market trends, and carry out events studies to see how national legislations may have impacted the markets.

6 October 2014Collection of expressions of interest closed
Assistance with the analysis of Member States' Trusted Lists and e-signatures in the framework of the implementation of Services Directive

The European Commission intends to launch a negotiated call for tender to get some technical support to monitor the implementation by Member States of Trusted Lists established under Commission Decision 2009/767/EC and to get some assistance in reviewing and testing deliverables for an open source software for the creation and verification of electronic signatures.

End of April 2014Closed

Please Note: This overview is for information only. If you are interested to participate in a DG MARKT’s tender procedure for low value contracts, you may email your details to with a reference to the call for tender you are interested in.

Your details will be stored in a database for the purpose of tendering only. Inclusion of your contact details does not automatically lead to invitations to tender.