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Commissioner Vassiliou takes part in press panel on the role of football in cohesion policy and uniting divided communities
Commissioner Vassiliou takes part in press panel on the role of football in cohesion policy and uniting divided communities


The panel was part of the 8th European Week of Regions and Cities, organised by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. In her statement, Commissioner Vassiliou said: "We now see that thanks to sport, and particularly football given its popularity, the perception of specific groups can be changed and stigma and discrimination overcome. (…) Events such as today's offer the opportunity to draw attention to some very important football-related projects funded by the Structural Funds in Northern Ireland and Romania. They constitute examples of how European policy-makers can team up with the sport movement and civil society and provide the impetus for social change."



Commissioner Vassiliou speaks at the European University Association (EUA) Annual Conference


“The growing diversity of European higher education (diversity of institutional, staff and student as well as research profiles) – implications for the further development of the Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education”  

EUA Conference Palermo
Palermo – 23 October 2010


Commissioner Vassiliou addresses EU Youth Conference in Leuven


On 4 October, Commissioner Vassiliou presented the new 'Youth on the Move' iniative at a EU Youth Conference in the medieval university town of Leuven. She stressed the importance of education and training in today's Europe. "We want all young people to have fair and equal access to education and employment. We also want to give every young person the opportunity to be an active citizen in their community".The Commissioner highlighted the importance of the EU Youth Strategy, which complements Youth on the Move by emphasising youth participation. "We should be guided by the new provision of the Lisbon Treaty which calls for the EU to encourage youth participation in democratic life. Young people themselves should be ambassadors for the cause." The EU Youth Conference, a regular presidency youth policy event, brought together more than 250 young Europeans and policy makers from all Member States. This debate forms part of the ongoing structured dialogue with young people at national and EU level.


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