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Mission for Growth to Latin America English (en)


Panama (12 June), Argentina (13 June) and Paraguay (14 June)

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Report on Antonio Tajani's activities and achievements 2010-2014 English (en) italiano (it)


Download the PDF version.

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Mission for Growth to Sicily English (en) italiano (it)


Great success of the Mission for Growth to Sicily.

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A new budget for the EU Industrial Renaissance English (en) italiano (it)


European leaders must not be confined to statements of principle, but ensure consistency of policies on research, infrastructure, energy, environment, and education, with the aim of re-industrialisation.

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Innovation Union Scoreboard English (en)


Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 and Regional Innovation Union Scoreboard: differences in the innovation performance within the EU are still very high and diminish only slowly.

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Conference on EU Defence Industry English (en) italiano (it)


Vice President Tajani and Commissioner Barnier have co-hosted, together with President Barroso, a High-level Conference

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Mission to the United States English (en) italiano (it)


On 28/02 Tajani took part in the conference organised by Italian Business and Destinazione Italia on the EU-USA relations and reciprocal investment opportunities

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Declaración acerca del acuerdo parcial sobre los trabajos en el Canal de Panamá English (en) español (es) français (fr) italiano (it)


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9th Ministerial Meeting on Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation English (en) italiano (it)


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COTEC event English (en) italiano (it)


Tajani participated on 12/02 to the annual COTEC [135 KB] meeting, dedicated this year to Re-industrialisation.

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