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The success of European industry is of central importance to the economic and social welfare of European citizens. My central aim as Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry is to ensure that all the EU's business sectors will come out of the current economic crisis stronger and more competitive then before, and will be able to support sustainable growth in a strong social market economy.

The modernisation and the strengthening of the EU's industrial capability will play a central role in the success of the EU's 2020 strategy. That is why I want to take a fresh look at our current industrial policy to make the sector more competitive on the global stage. I want to put the framework in place to enable industries, large and small, to be dynamic, sustainable and innovative in addressing the economic and environmental needs of the 21st Century. This means putting the 'green economy' at the heart of any new industrial policy so that Europe can become the world leader in eco-efficiency, eco-design and eco-technology.

SMEs play an important role within our industrial capital. We need to develop their potential, particularly in the field of export growth. Part of this will be about improving their access to finance, another part will be supporting their day to day functioning through the effective implementation of the Small Business Act and the consolidation of the internal market. I also want to develop a new culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe to create an environment in which citizens aren't afraid of trying out new business ventures.

Finally, the Lisbon treaty gives us a new legal basis in the area of space policy and tourism. A strong European space policy is an essential element in reinforcing our competitiveness and the technological capacity of our industrial system, and I want to ensure that projects such as GMES and Galileo produce high-quality results for both citizens and industry alike. I also want to develop the potential of the tourism sector, which is already one of Europe's most important economic activities.

I am personally convinced that our societies can only satisfy today's business needs by working on a European and global scale and I look forward to collaborating with industry, citizens, NGOs and political actors to finding positive solutions to the challenges ahead.

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