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Defence Industry

Defence Industry

Following the establishment of the Commission's Task Force on Defence Industries and Markets in 2011 there has been considerable progress in the area of defence in 2012. In particular:

  • The Task Force has undertaken a wide-ranging review of Commission policies that have a direct and indirect impact of the defence sector;
  • Vice-President Tajani announced on 10.10.2012 that the Commission will adopt a Communication on defence industrial and internal market policy, building on the work of the Task Force, by the end of spring 2013. This Communication will be a major part of the Commission's contribution to the European Council on Defence planned for December 2013.

29.06.2012: Report on transposition of Directive 2009/43 simplifying intra-UE transfers of defence related products , COM(2012)359.

The report contains information on the measures taken by Member States to transpose the Directive.




26.07.2012: Report to the European Parliament and the Council on disadvantages of a reduction to two categories of firearms (prohibited or authorised) , COM(2012)415. In view of better functioning of internal market with high security standards, the report assesses simplification in categorisation of firearms.

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