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European strategy for the uptake of green vehicles

European strategy for the uptake of green vehicles

The European strategy for encouraging the development and eventual widespread use of clean and energy efficient vehicles aims to help the European car industry to strengthen its leading role globally basing its production on clean and energy-efficient technologies. This strategy is laid down in a Communication, tabled by the European Commission in April 2010.

19.02.2010Informal meeting with EU ministers on the economic situation in the car sector
10.03.2010Car safety: European Commission welcomes international agreement on electric and hybrid cars
28.04.2010European strategy for the uptake of green vehicles
29.06.2010Towards a European common charger for electric vehicles
10.11.2010Commission re-launches CARS 21 high level group for a competitive and sustainable automotive industry
13.12.2010Car type-approval and electrical vehicle safety - Approval by the Technical Committee Motor Vehicles of a draft Commission Regulation on 62 UNECE Regulations (including one on electric safety) replacing EU Directives
07.02.2011Entering into force of daytime running lights directive

What's Next

SpringA proposal to reduce fuel consumption of mobile air conditioning systems
SpringA proposal to replace Directive 70/157/EEC to reduce noise emissions of vehicles
AutumnCARS 21 process will deliver an Interim Report
Autumn/WinterA proposal for directive aligning the framework directive on motor vehicles type-approval (2007/46/EC) with the new legislative framework on market surveillance

The strategy for the uptake of green vehicles is implemented by various Directorate Generals. Thus more initiatives will be launched during 2011 by other parts of the Commission.

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