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Commissioner Šemeta's speaking points at ECOFIN press conference

Extracts from the press conference:

"Today, the participating Member States have reiterated their commitment to the FTT and laid down their roadmap for its implementation. This is a welcome signal.

Of course, there is still quite a road to travel before the FTT is in place.

The participating Member States need to continue to invest wholeheartedly in this file to make it law within the timeframe foreseen.

It is true that the plan and pace are less ambitious than the Commission had proposed. 

But, every step forward on the Financial Transaction Tax is of significance.

So if the participating Member States make a common FTT a reality, that is a major achievement, even if they proceed more tentatively than was envisaged.

 But now this has to happen, and happen quickly.

The Presidency has an important role now to assess all Member States' positions and come forward with a compromise proposal for discussion at the Working Party meetings.

And I hope that, when it is on this Council's agenda again, we will see even greater progress – perhaps even the political agreement that citizens have long been calling for."

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