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Commissioner Šemeta on shared transatlantic customs and tax ambitions

Commissioner Šemeta today opened the plenary luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce  to the European Union. In his speech Commissioner focused on the shared customs and tax ambition of EU and US.

Commissioner announced that the EU and the US are about to launch a deeper, more wide-ranging agenda for cooperation in the field of supply chain security. This matter will be discussed with the U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on Thursday. "We will take forward a new cooperation agenda involving customs as well as other authorities in the area of aviation or maritime security, research and development." With the State secretary Commissioner also intends to discuss the cooperation project to facilitate the life of trusted traders. 

In his speech Commissioner also emphasized a need to cooperate more on good governance in the field of taxation: "promoting, both between our member States and in our relations with third countries, the principles of transparency, exchange of information and fair tax competition."

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