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IT to make life simpler – e-Commission 2012-2015

The European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe is an ambitious programme designed to help European citizens benefit from the many advantages of modern technology, from access to online content to e-banking and e-commerce. As part of its contribution to the Digital Agenda, the Commission has launched its own new IT strategy, called "e-Commission 2012-2015". 

Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, the Commissioner responsible for IT services within the Commission, welcomed the new strategy, which was launched during the summer. "As with the rest of the Digital Agenda, the e-Commission strategy is designed around making life easier for users, the effective and efficient use of resources, ensuring the security and privacy of citizens and businesses and on the principles of openness and reusability," he said. 

The strategy is designed to help the development of digital services and solutions in a variety of areas linked essentially to the wide sphere of European public administration. This includes helping to break down the barriers between the various national public administrations in Europe with the use of IT, improving the transparency and accessibility of information and reducing the administrative burden to citizens and businesses. It will also help enhance the Commission's own IT security and facilitate the convergence of IT systems through exploiting innovative technologies. 

The aim is that through this new strategy, the Commission will become a leader in delivering user-centric digital services and IT solutions to support EU policies.

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