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Commission adopts opinion on convening of an Intergovernmental Conference on the composition of the European Parliament

The European Commission has adopted an Opinion recommending the opening of an Intergovernmental Conference to deal with transitional measures for the composition of the European Parliament, as proposed by the Spanish government.

The Spanish government has submitted a formal proposal to the European Council to amend Protocol No 36 to the Treaty of Lisbon on Transitional Provisions with the aim of allowing an additional 18 Members of the European Parliament to take office by 1 December 2010. Since the proposal reflects the political agreement among Member States that was reached in view of the Treaty of Lisbon entering into force after the June 2009 European elections, the Commission Opinion recommends opening an Intergovernmental Conference as soon as possible, remaining strictly limited to the discussion of the Spanish proposal.

In line with Article 48 (3) TEU, the Commission is asked by the European Council to give its opinion before the decision on the opening of an Intergovernmental conference.

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