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Nomination of Commissioner-designate Mrs Kristalina Georgieva


Kristalina Georgieva © Reporters President Barroso met with Mrs Kristalina Georgieva following her nomination by the Bulgarian government. He has given his agreement for her name to go forward as commissioner-designate and believes she has all the professional background and European convictions to be an excellent Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response. Mrs Georgieva has extensive international experience and a grasp of the issues to make a real impact in this new role. Mrs Georgieva's name will now be confirmed by the Council and she will debate her future responsibilities at a hearing with the European Parliament on 3 February. President Barroso hopes that the European Parliament will be able to vote on the whole college of commissioners on 9 February, in accordance with the timetable agreed by the European Parliament today.

Mrs Georgieva's CV pdf - 11 KB [11 KB]


Spain, the right country at this time


Spanish flag © EU During the press conference which followed the debate in plenary session, president Barroso said that the Spanish EU Presidency "is very good news for Europe" as Spain is a very committed pro-European Country and has a very committed European leader with José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. He also took note of the timing of this presidency, which "comes at a very important moment, when we have to prepare the new economic strategy for Europe, "the European 2020 Strategy"" and insisted on the full ownership of this strategy, offering to have debates in plenary with MEPs and also with stakeholders in Europe – mainly the social partners.

Watch the press conference with Zapatero from EBS


Resignation of commissioner-designate Mrs Jeleva


Flag of Bulgria © EU President Barroso took note of Mrs Jeleva's withdrawal as commissioner-designate. He fully respects this personal decision. Bulgarian prime minister Borisov has in the meantime informed president Barroso of his intention to suggest Ms Kristalina Georgieva, currently vice-president of the World Bank, as member of the European Commission. President Barroso will meet her as soon as possible, with a view to considering his agreement to that suggestion. President Barroso welcomes the swift reaction of the Bulgarian Government to this situation. The process of the investiture of the new Commission should now continue and be concluded at the earliest opportunity.