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Letter to Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark


Lars Løkke Rasmussen and President Barroso © EC

President Barroso sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Denmark about the government's intention to introduce strengthened intra-EU border control measures. The President pointed out that a first analysis by the Commission raises "important doubts about whether the proposed measures would be in line with Denmark's obligations under European and international law". He emphasised that Member States may not carry out systematic intra-EU border controls of goods or people. He asks Denmark to refrain from unilateral steps and engage in an open dialogue with the Commission.

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Response to the joint letter from Mr Berlusconi and Mr Sarkozy



Responding to the joint letter from Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy on the question of migration in the Mediterranean, President Barroso recalled the importance of a stronger partnership with these countries. The Commission is also in favour of strengthening Frontex and of examining a strengthening of the rules of the Schengen Agreement. He also recalled the importance of a real European asylum policy and expressed the wish to reach an agreement on policy reform before 2012.

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President Barroso on EU priorities for G20 Summit on 26-27 June

The G20 remains a key vehicle to drive forward our reform agenda and commits our partners to deliver too


Logo of the G20 Toronto Summit © SMO

President Barroso presented five key G20 deliverables, which he believes should be at the heart of a strong EU position for the G20 Summit. They range from principles for exit from the crisis, progress in the context of the Framework for Growth and implementation of financial market reforms to progress towards an agreement on the IMF reform and creating momentum for the review of the Millennium Development Goals and for the global fight against climate change.

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Letter of president Barroso to Dr Helmut Kohl, Former Chancellor of Germany, for his 80th anniversary


Helmut Kohl © Reporters

In his letter, president Barroso writes: "I am glad to be able to congratulate you on your 80th birthday. My best wishes are accompanied by my thanks and recognition for your great contribution to this unified Europe."

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Letter of president Barroso to EU heads of state and government on climate action


Wind turbines © EU

President Barroso has today written to EU heads of state and government informing them of the next steps in the Commission's work on climate action. He underlines that the international process needs to continue and states that the core goal must be to bring all partners closer to the EU's ambitions and commitment to a multilateral agreement. He has therefore asked Commissioner Hedegaard to undertake a consultation of key international partners to find new ways to reinvigorate the international process. President Barroso will feed this first assessment into the Spring European Council and then in full into the ministerial level negotiations and the June European Council. President Barroso will discuss with the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy how best to prepare the discussions in the European Council and how to ensure a powerful and unified EU voice on these critical issues for the future.

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Train accident in Belgium


Rescue workers on the site of the Hal railway accident © Reporters

President Barroso sent a message of sympathy to the Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme following the tragic accident which occurred in Hal on Monday morning, claiming many victims. ‘On behalf of the European Commission and on a personal level, allow me to offer my most sincere condolences to yourself and the victims’ families. You have our deepest sympathy,’ he stated.

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Message of congratulations to Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc


Emil Boc © Reporters

President Barroso has sent a letter of congratulations to the Romanian Prime Minister following the vote in Parliament. "I would like to express the Commission's commitment to continued support for and solidarity with Romania. I also would like to assure you of the full and active assistance of the European Commission to Romania in its efforts towards justice reform, to fulfil the benchmarks within the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and successfully implement the provisions of its reform programme. I am convinced that your team will work with the largest possible spectrum of Romanian society to modernise the economy and improve the living conditions of all Romanian citizens," the president wrote.

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Elections in Romania


Romanian flag @ EC

President Barroso wrote to president Basescu of Romania today to congratulate him on his successful re-election. In his letter, he said: "I look forward to your steady support for the European project as we seek to consolidate what we have achieved together so far and to tackle the economic challenges that lie ahead. I would like to express the EC's commitment for a continued support for and solidarity with Romania. The first and most urgent task you will have ahead of you is the formation of a new government, capable of gathering broad support in the parliament. A consensual and inclusive approach is all the more important in these difficult times. I am convinced that you will continue the effort of modernising your country as so vividly requested by the Romanian people."

Letter to the G-20 leaders on the outcome of the last European Council concerning climate change


José Manuel Barroso © EC

Today, president Barroso and prime minister Reinfeldt wrote to G-20 leaders on the decisions that the European Council has taken to add momentum to a deal on climate change in Copenhagen. President Barroso will now travel to Copenhagen earlier than planned to meet key players to push for an ambitious deal.

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What innovation policy for the EU?


José Manuel Barroso © EC

‘Innovation will be the key to Europe's recovery and to building a more sustainable economy and society after the crisis,’ President Barroso announced during the first-ever European Innovation Summit taking place over two days at the European Parliament in Brussels. ‘Innovation is not just about product development,’ he explained, ‘it is about how our society changes and improves.’ The Summit was organised by the platform Knowledge4Innovation (K4I)/Lisbon Forum in partnership with the ‘European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009’.

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President Barroso pays attention to the gender balance in the next College


Meeting room © EC

José Manuel Barroso wrote to his fellow members of the European Council to draw their attention to the importance of a balanced composition of the next College of commissioners, in particular its gender balance. President Barroso urged heads of states and government to pay particular attention to the presence of women in the next College as discussions continue on the formation of the next commission.

Former commissioner Mario Monti invited to prepare a report on the re-launch of the single market


Mario Monti © EC

President Barroso entrusted Mr Mario Monti with the mission to prepare a report on the re-launch of the single market. The single market is the cornerstone of Europe's integration and sustainable growth. As the European Union approaches the 20th anniversary of the symbolic date of 1992, when the creation of the single market was finalised, president Barroso believes, as announced in his political guidelines, that the single market requires renewed political determination so that it can withstand the threat of economic nationalism and fulfil all its potential.

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