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Interview with the CNN on Euro


Different 1 euro coins © EU In an interview with the CNN president Barroso reiterated that the situation of the euro is a credible and strong one and that the euro is fundamentally a very credible currency. "It is the second currency in the world and in fact the credibility of the euro lies in the monetary policy of the European Central Bank that is a very credible policy," said president Barroso and added that the target against inflation that has been extremely successful and the fundamentals of the euro area are good.


Interview with the CNN on fiscal consolidation/growth


Coins on newspaper © EU President Barroso stated that if the countries do not correct the fiscal imbalances there will be no conditions for growth. "Because the credibility lies on that as well," he said and added that reducing the costs can help also those countries to be more competitive in the global market. "The overall situation of the euro area and the European Union gives me confidence that growth that remains our first objective will be sustainable and we will have that growth."


Interview with the CNN on Hungary


Hungarian flag © EU Speaking with CNN, president Barroso stressed that Hungary is not the next Greece. "Hungary will be able to take all the necessary measures to correct the fiscal position," said the president and added that they are ready not only to accelerate the fiscal consolidation, but also to accelerate structural reform. "They will be able to face this challenge," he stressed and asserted: "I believe we have now the mechanisms in place to face any crisis that may happen in terms of debt."