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President Barroso holds the "First Frankfurt speech on Europe"

Präsident Barroso © EU

On Tuesday, 5th November, President Barroso held the "First Frankfurt speech on Europe" in St. Paul's Church in Frankfurt. He stressed that the European Union is first and foremost a community of values.

President Barroso highlighted that the current financial and economic crisis is a political stress test for the European community and that its solution will depend primarily on the European leaders' political will.

Acknowledging Germany's efforts towards securing and maintaining solidarity in the EU, he also stressed that continued efforts for solidarity and responsibility are essential. "Germany, under the leadership of Chancellor Merkel, has shown its political will and this deserves its full recognition." President Barroso welcomed the commitment of Germany's main political forces: "My message to you is very simple: Keep it. Do not allow any doubts to emerge."

He furthermore encouraged the next German government to remain committed to the European project: "Germany will have to play an imminently crucial role in all this. Being the biggest economy in the Euro Area and the EU as a whole, Germany will have to assume the highest degree of leadership for this endeavour".

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