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REFIT: Commission acts to make EU law lighter, simpler and cheaper


Today the Commission sets out, by policy area, where it will take further action to simplify or consider withdrawing EU laws, reduce the burden on businesses and make sure that implementation of EU laws is becoming easier.

This exercise is at the heart of the Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT). Ensuring that EU legislation is "fit for purpose" is essential for putting Europe back on track towards more growth and jobs.

President Barroso said: "Europe is there to help find solutions to the big challenges we are collectively facing. However, to be effective, we need to make sure we concentrate on the right priorities and have the right dose of regulation. Not everything that is good is good at European level. Let's think twice whether, when and where we need to act at European level.

This is in line with what President Barroso said in his State of the Union address on 11 September: "the EU needs to be big on big things and smaller on small things."

The President continued: "With REFIT, the Commission has undertaken the most comprehensive exercise to date to make EU law lighter and simpler. Our resolute application of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality will not put into question the important benefits for citizens and business of EU regulation, particularly the rules underpinning the Single Market. Today's REFIT package provides a pragmatic outlook for the future of regulation in Europe just a few months ahead of the European elections in May 2014."

The Communication also includes the results of a screening of all EU legislation and defines a wide range of actions which are either already being implemented or which are proposed to the Council and the European Parliament. In addition, the Commission announced that it will publish a scoreboard to track progress at European and national level.

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