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5+5 Dialogue between 10 Mediterranean countries — ‘always a pioneer and a laboratory of ideas’


In Malta, in the presence of President Barroso, the leaders of 10 Mediterranean countries continued their 5+5 dialogue, established in 1990. Together they reflected on the opportunities and challenges which the ‘Arab Spring’ presents for everyone.

The 5+5 Dialogue comprises 10 countries from the Mediterranean basin: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Malta for the northern coast; Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia (the Arab Maghreb Union) for the southern coast.

President Barroso underlined that ‘the 5+5 group has always been a pioneer and a laboratory of ideas’.

He left no doubt that the ‘European Union will continue to support the transition process under way, and political and economic reform’.

He said: ‘I believe in open regionalism, in a Europe oriented towards its neighbours and not inward-looking, and in a natural complementarity between the northern and southern coasts of the Mediterranean’.

The 5+5 group can make a significant contribution to resolving the challenges faced by the region. It can establish links between the 10 countries present here today with a view to proposing new support projects in the region.’

President Barroso speech at the 5+5 Dialogue Summit

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