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Economic governance, Commission proposes legislation

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is also no such thing as a "free deficit".


José Manuel Barroso © EU

"The proposals we are making represent the biggest step forward on economic governance since we adopted the Stability and Growth Pact," said president Barroso after the European Commission adopted a legislative package to strengthen the economic governance in Europe. "Once proposals are approved and implemented, they will mark a sea change in the way economic governance is dealt", he stressed and reiterated the Commission's role to make sure citizens are not paying taxes today for little or no return tomorrow.

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EU-South Africa Summit

Together we can contribute to making a difference for our people and ensure a fairer and more prosperous world


President Jacob Zuma © EU

"Today's EU-South Africa Summit reflects the broadening and deepening of our relations, which have been significantly strengthened since we established a Strategic Partnership three years ago," said president Barroso after this third Summit where bilateral regional and global issues including development aid, climate change and global governance were discussed. At this occasion leaders also signed the largest ever EU budget support programme to South Africa, in primary education.

A financial sector at the service of stability and growth


José Manuel Barroso © EU

At the Eurofi Financial Forum, which brings together Europe's key financial market leaders, regulators and supervisors, President Barroso said: "The financial sector has benefited from a lot of solidarity, and it is time to return the favour by showing great responsibility." He stressed that the Commission is implementing balanced solutions to get Europe out of crisis and back to growth. "We want to see strong European financial markets, competing fairly and winning on a global level playing field."

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Visit of the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Carlos Gomes Junior


President Barroso and Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Carlos Gomes Junior © EU

President Barroso and Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Carlos Gomes Junior discussed the internal situation in Guinea-Bissau and the bilateral relations among states. President Barroso stated that we share common interests and are committed to continue working together. He stressed that today more than ever we must join efforts to promote reconciliation, stability and economic and social development in Guinea-Bissau, and gave reassurance of the European support to stand by the Guinean authorities, democratically elected, with the aim of promoting good governance.

Message of condolences on the tragic accident of a Polish bus close to Berlin


Flag of Poland and Germany

"I have just been informed about the terrible bus accident that took place today on the A10 motorway close to Berlin, which killed or injured many of the passengers. I would like to express, on my behalf and on behalf of the European Commission, my condolences and sympathy to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy."

European Union shows global leadership at UN Summit

We believe that the EU can be a global co-leader. Not by imposing ideas, but by proposing solutions to our partners in the world!


José Manuel Barroso at the podium © EU

The EU re-emphasised its strong commitment to the Millennium Development Goals and announced that it will allocate a further one billion euro to help those in need. This demonstrates the EU's leadership on making globalization fairer. The President stressed that today's global interdependence required common solutions. "Ultimately, we are all in the same boat," he noted. "That is why the EU, with its transnational experience of peace and integration, is well-equipped to make a leading contribution to the globalisation process."

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Council on Foreign Relations, New York

Stabilise, consolidate, reform: EU Moves from Crisis Management to Reform Agenda


Speech by José Manuel Barroso on "Fostering Economic Recovery" © EU

President Barroso sketched how Europe was moving from crisis management to an agenda of ambitious structural reforms. In addition to strengthening economic governance and deepening the single market of more than 500 million citizens, "we have also launched the Europe 2020 Strategy to boost the competitiveness of our economies," he said. The President reiterated Europe's leadership in an open world economy and concluded: "I could summarise our efforts with just three words: stabilise, consolidate, reform."

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Opening of the High-level event on Biodiversity, New York

Increased efforts are needed by all of us to ensure that biodiversity objectives are given sufficient priority in government plans.


José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso outlined that it is clear that we will not be able to mitigate climate change or adapt to its impacts if we don't protect our ecosystems and biodiversity. The President underlined that the global community is at a crossroads, where we either "take concerted action to reverse biodiversity loss as soon as possible, or we compromise our own future and that of generations not yet born." He described the Nagoya meeting as "our chance to turn the situation around."

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United Nations, Plenary Meeting, New York

The global community must step up a gear to make the MDGs a reality by 2015.


Jose Manuel Barroso with Ban Ki-Moon © EU

Speaking on behalf of the EU at the United Nations, President Barroso announced that the EU is launching a special MDG initiative amounting to €1 billion for the most committed and needy partners. As the world's largest donor, the EU would continue to stand with countries in difficulty. With increased joint efforts, the world could attain its ultimate goal: the eradication of poverty in all its manifestations.

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Watch the video: Bilateral meetings at the UN Summit

Message of condolence on the death of Mr Egon Klepsch


Egon Klepsch © EU

On behalf of the European Commission President Barroso expressed his condolences to Mr Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, on the death of Mr Egon Klepsch, President of the European Parliament from 1992 to 1994 and long-time chairman of the EPP group. President Barroso outlined that Mr Klepsch greatly contributed to fully developing the role of the European Parliament as the representation of the citizens of the Union. "He will be remembered as an impressive personality and an enthusiastic European."

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Post-crisis: A leading global role for Europe, Columbia University

We either stand together and prosper or we fall together. This is a fact of life in the 21st century.


Columbia University

Speaking at the World Leaders forum in New York, President Barroso focused on the leading global role for Europe. He stressed the importance of managing global interdependence, notably through a strong partnership with the United States. This transatlantic friendship is based not only on economic grounds but also on the fundamental values of liberty and democracy. President Barroso underlined that Europe is "a global player pursuing a political vision inspired by its values of freedom, justice and solidarity."

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Article on Millennium Development Goals ahead of the UN Summit

An unwavering commitment to the fight against poverty is one of the core values on which the EU is based


Hands and map of the world © EU

Ahead of the UN Summit President Barroso calls for global action based on solidarity, partnership and co-responsibility. The President stresses that achieving the MDGs means "giving billions of the most vulnerable the chance to live in dignity, free of poverty, hunger and injustice." To accomplish this we need to stick to our promises, do more, better and be more creative in mobilizing additional sources of finance. "If everyone moves together in the same direction we will reach these common goals."

Read the full president's article on Millennium Development Goals pdf - 19 KB [19 KB]

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Meeting with the German Federal President Christian Wulff and the 175th Bertelsmann Celebration


Christian Wulff and José Manuel Barroso© EU

Yesterday's European Council and the current political and economic situation in Europe were the main topics in the meeting with German Federal President Wulff. Both Presidents agreed that the economic and financial crisis is not yet overcome and that Europe must continue its efforts of consolidation, structural reform, financial regulation and strengthening economic governance, on which the Commission will table proposals on 29 September. At the Bertelsmann Celebration President Barroso outlined that the "independence and diversity of the media are vital for a vigorous democracy in Europe".

Read the president's speech at the 175th Bertelsmann Celebration

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Visit of the Prime Minister of Czech Republic, Petr Nečas


José Manuel Barroso and Petr Necas © EU

President Barroso met Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas to discuss the current agenda of the EU next to priorities of the Czech government, and exchanged views on the state of the European economy. They both agreed with the necessity to undertake economic reforms - both on the EU and national levels - and endorsed the importance of reinforcement of the economic governance. The Czech Republic may count on the support of the Commission for the government's objectives for the next years, concluded President Barroso.

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European Council, 16 September 2010

Together we can make a real difference as a global player of reference in this age of globalisation.


José Manuel Barroso © EU

"This Council discussed how we can reinforce our internal and external capacity to act," said president Barroso at the press conference after the European Council, where the main topic was about the EU's relations with strategic partnerships. "The changing global balance means that we simply cannot afford to waste the potential influence that we have at our disposal," the president added and outlined that the choice is between being strong together or weak separately.

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Visit of the President of Austria, Heinz Fischer

The people of Europe know that their Union is a protective force in difficult times


Heinz Fischer and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso and the Austrian President Heinz Fischer met today to discuss a variety of important issues. The Presidents spoke about the economic situation in Europe which, as President Barroso stated, is "better than one year ago due to the decisive action we took together on European level." He added: "There is no room for complacency. We must accelerate our reform agenda." Both Presidents agreed that collective leadership was vital to continue delivering to Europe's citizens.

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Statement on the Roma issue


José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso reiterated today the Commission's position on the Roma issue: "The Commission's position is clear. Community law must be respected. The prohibition of discrimination based on racial and ethnic origin is one of the European Union's fundamental principles." President Barroso also underlined that the "Commission will do what is necessary to ensure the respect of Community law" and added that Vice-President Reding has done so "with the full backing of the College, and with my personal backing."

Read the full president's statement pdf - 8 KB [8 KB]

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Meeting with the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych

The EU and Ukraine share a very substantive agenda. We stand by Ukraine's side to help promote reforms


Viktor Yanukovych and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych discussed today Ukraine's reform agenda, the next steps to deepen the EU-Ukraine relationship and reforms concerning democracy and fundamental rights. President Barroso stressed that both sides are committed to intensifying the relationship through the new, ambitious Association Agreement currently under negotiation, which "will cement our political ties and lead to a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement."

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Message to Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia


The Australian Flag © Commons

President Barroso congratulated reappointed Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia Ms Julia Gillard. He said: "I look forward to working with you and your government as we continue to strengthen the important bilateral relationship between the European Union and Australia. Close cooperation between the European Union and Australia will be essential if we are to successfully meet the global challenges we are faced with, none being more pressing than climate change."

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Meeting with the President of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov


Gjorge Ivanov and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso and the President of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, discussed the country's accession process and the need to consolidate the internal reforms. "I have welcomed the President's efforts to strengthen relations with key neighbours," said President Barroso and called on all sides to resolve the name issue as quickly as possible. "It is time to decide. We believe now it is time to decide this issue of the name," stressed the President.

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Barroso "Man of the Year 2009 of Central and Eastern Europe" - 20th Economic Forum Krynica, Poland


Logo of the 20th Economic Forum © Economic Forum

President Barroso participates in the 20th Economic Forum, known also as the "Polish Davos". In the evening he receives the "Man of the Year 2009 of Central and Eastern Europe" award. The award is accorded to outstanding personalities whose attitudes and achievements have had a significant influence in Europe. Among the former laureates are Victor Yushenko (2000), Pope John Paul II (2002), Vaclav Havel (2007), Donald Tusk (2008) and Jerzy Buzek (2009).

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State of the Union Address 2010

You can trust the European Union to do what it takes to secure your future


José Manuel Barroso © EU

In his State of the Union Address 2010, President Barroso set out his strategic programme for the Union for the next year. "My message to each and every European is that you can trust the European Union to do what it takes to secure your future." The President also assured that the economic outlook today is better than one year ago. "But our work is not finished. We must accelerate our reform agenda," he added.

Letter by President Barroso to the Members of the European Parliament

Read the full president's speech

Watch the full State of the Union Address

Watch the extracts from the State of the Union Address 2010

Meeting with President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski


Bronislaw Komorowski and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso and Polish president Bronisław Komorowski today had a fruitful discussion on the EU's current agenda and future cooperation. President Barroso said: "I think we can say that we share the strategic view about the needs to reinforce our European Union." They also put forward the cohesion policy, budget issues, European solidarity and the Eastern Partnership and exchanged views on the future Polish Presidency in the Council.

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European Parliament, Strasbourg

President Barroso will deliver the first State of the Union Address 2010 on Tuesday 7 September 2010 at 9 o'clock


José Manuel Barroso © EU

The President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso will deliver the first "State of the Union Address 2010" on Tuesday, 7 September 2010 at the European Parliament at 9 o'clock.

In his speech the President will give his assessment of where the Union stands and outline the political challenges for the next 12 months.