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Expert Group "The economics of environment and resource use" - Papers

Resource Efficiency Indicators and Targets in relation to the Resource Efficiency Roadmap

Paul Ekins and Joachim H. Spangenberg – January 2013

The Resource Efficiency Roadmap (COM(2011)571)  foresees a set of indicators to measure progress towards a more resource efficient Europe. In October 2012 the Commission presented a draft Scoreboard of indicators in the consultation paper 'Options for Resource Efficiency Indicators'. In addition to key indicators on material, land, water and carbon, this draft Scoreboard includes indicators that reflect the main issues of resource efficiency. 

This paper states that because resource efficiency aims to improve both economic performance and the use of resources and the environment, the Scoreboard as a whole should show the relationship between economic performance, resource use, and environmental impact. The authors further suggest ways to cater for the breadth of environmental, economic, and social issues related to resource efficiency.

Unconventional Gas and the European Union: Prospects and Challenges for Competitiveness

Herman Vollebergh et al – July 2014

The focus in this paper is on the likely impact of these unconventional gas developments on EU competitiveness. It finds little evidence of possibilities for a prosperous unconventional gas development in Europe. This contrasts with the US, where unconventional gas turned out to be relatively cheap, which changes relative energy prices both on a national level and abroad. Unconventional gas production fields not only produce gas but also Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs). These by-products may have significant impacts on certain sectors of the economy.