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Mainstreaming climate action into the EU policies and budget

Climate change can be tackled effectively only if all policies contribute. The EU has to make sure that action to cut emissions from one sector is not cancelled out by measures which increase emissions from another. Its overall efforts need therefore to be coherent. The way to do this is to make climate protection a part of each and every policy - 'climate mainstreaming' in the jargon.

Integrating climate action into big spending areas and key sectors

The European Commission's proposal for the EU's next Multiannual Financial Framework, covering the period 2014-20, marks a major step forward in climate mainstreaming because it builds climate change considerations into the big spending areas and key sectors of the EU budget.

This will accelerate Europe's transition to a climate-friendly, energy- and resource-efficient society. "I believe the EU will be the first in the world to mainstream climate action into its whole budget" if the proposal is accepted, Connie Hedegaard said. "This moves the fight against climate change into a new phase. The Commission has set an example here."

The proposed budget, presented on 29 June 2011, totals roughly €1,000bn for 2014-2020 and raises the share of climate-related spending to at least 20%, more than three times the current level.

Choosing solutions that can benefit climate, energy security and job creation

"As we invest in a sustainable future, let us choose solutions that at the same time can benefit climate, energy security and job creation. Some may say we can't afford it. Well, I say Europe cannot afford not to", Connie Hedegaard added.

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