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Connie Hedegaard: The Resource Efficiency Roadmap "key for a more sustainable future"


Power efficiency of house. Isolated 3D image © iStockphoto

Today the European Commission set out a "roadmap" which identifies the economic sectors that consume the most resources, and suggests tools and indicators to help guide action for our future wellbeing and prosperity in Europe and internationally. This roadmap is an agenda for competitiveness and growth based on using fewer resources when we produce and consume goods and creating business and job opportunities from activities such as recycling, better product design, materials substitution and eco-engineering.

On the occasion of the presentation of the Resource Efficiency Roadmap, Connie Hedegaard has made the following statement: "Through the mobilisation and awareness-raising around climate change, more and more citizens, businesses and political decision-makers have come to realise that a more energy -and resource-efficient growth is the key for a more sustainable future.

Today's world can simply not create the growth it needs to accommodate 9 billion people's needs by 2050 in the same way industrialised countries have grown over the last two centuries.

Therefore this communication marks the necessary paradigm shift on how resources should be priced and taxed. In the 21st century, scarce resources need to be priced so that the incentives for behaviour change are strong enough to make it really happen."

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