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EU fund to help link relief and development in CAR

EU fund to help link relief and development in CAR
14/07/2014  - 

Starting with €59 million, the fund will help the transition from emergency humanitarian aid to longer-term development assistance. It will invest in the reconstruction of state functions, the restart of electricity, transport, health and education and in stabilisation. The fund will also help CAR's neighbours who are struggling with the spill-over from this crisis.

"Linking relief, rehabilitation and development is essential if we want to make a long-term difference in a fragile situation like the CAR crisis. The trust fund will benefit the long-suffering population of the country, and will also contribute to reducing the fragility caused by this crisis in the wider region," said Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva.

The initial contributions to the trust fund are made by the European Development Fund, the EU humanitarian aid budget and the governments of France, Germany and the Netherlands. The fund's work comes in addition to the Commission's vital humanitarian assistance to CAR (€84.5 million since December 2012).