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Commission reaches out to victims of South East Asian floods

21/10/2011 - In response to the typhoons and flooding that are seriously affecting South East Asia, the European Commission has allocated €10 million to support emergency operations and provide relief to between 500 000 and 1 million of people in the flood-hit countries. (...)

Commission boosts humanitarian presence and funding in Libya

29/08/2011 - The European Commission has deployed a multi-sectoral team of humanitarian experts to Tripoli, and has opened a humanitarian office in the Libyan capital. The experts are ensuring that the assistance provided by the European Union in health, medicine, (...)

Coordinated EU operation to tackle forest fires in Greece and Albania

26/08/2011 - Greece has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, requesting urgent aerial assistance to fight forest fires raging in Alexandroupolis (in the north-east of the country). This was followed by a request for assistance from Albania. Within a few hours, (...)

Commissioner Georgieva voices grave concern over the lack of humanitarian access to South Kordofan

25/08/2011 - Following the announcement by President Al Bashir of Sudan of a two-week cease-fire in South Kordofan, Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva has voiced her grave concern over the impossibility of reaching and assisting the people experiencing a humanitarian emergency in the region. (...)

Commissioner Georgieva pledges EU support to break the vicious circle of drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa

25/08/2011 - Acting fast, giving generously and working together are the essential components for containing the famine, refugee and drought crises in the Horn of Africa. But African countries must also take long-term measures, with the support of the international community, (...)

The Commission stands ready to step up humanitarian assistance inside Libya

22/08/2011 - Following the dramatic events in Libya, with the speedy passage of rebel troops into Tripoli, the European Commission is calling for for improved humanitarian access and stands ready to respond to potential new humanitarian needs inside the country. (...)

Honouring the people helping people

19/08/2011 - Today is World Humanitarian Day – an occasion for the European Commission to honour those who dedicate their lives to preserving and improving the lives of others who need assistance to survive. (...)

Horn of Africa: EU leading the way among donors

17/08/2011 - The European Union's contribution towards emergency relief for the famine and drought in the Horn of Africa is now well in excess of half a billion euros, according to the latest figures. (...)

Men in Kenya next to sheeps’ carcasses © EU

The European Commission tackles impact of drought on Horn of Africa herders

05/08/2011 - In response to the Horn of Africa drought, the European Commission is contributing to initiatives designed to protect herders’ livelihoods and provide a safety net to the vulnerable populations in the region. (...)

EU humanitarian aid feeds the starving in war-torn Mogadishu

04/08/2011 - The European Commission is among the main sponsors of food centres in Mogadishu, where assistance is the only lifeline for thousands of Somalis. (...)