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Commissioners Georgieva and Malmström call for better protection of refugees

Refugee child in the Kharaz camp, Yemen © Irina Novakova
20/06/2011  - 

On World Refugee Day, Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva issued a joint statement with her colleague, Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström:

"The international community marks World Refugee Day. Sadly it is not a day for celebration, as a growing number of people around the world are displaced by disasters and conflicts. In Europe, we have a particular reason to think about refugees and displaced people at this time, now that violence is displacing thousands of men, women and children, and triggering humanitarian emergencies, such as those in Libya and Syria, near our doorstep. We hope that the European Council will send a clear signal next week, and call for an effective, fair and protective Common European Asylum System.

Offering asylum to those in need is an obligation. On World Refugee Day, we therefore call for further concrete engagements and expressions of solidarity towards the third countries who are receiving large numbers of people fleeing the war in Libya – for Europeans, and for the refugees and displaced persons who need our solidarity the most."