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Commissioner Georgieva renews EU's commitment with Haiti one year after the earthquake

Commissioner Georgieva in Haiti, visiting the hospital with Handicap International - 02/03/2010 © EU
11/01/2011  - 

"One year after the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti and hurt more than one million people, we want to reaffirm that helping the country to recover remains a EU priority. We have been a steadfast partner in Haiti and we will continue to be fully committed in the long run to advancing the country's reconstruction and to helping its people build a better tomorrow". With these words, the European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response underlined the long lasting commitment of the EU to Haiti. In a joint statement with HRVP Catherine Ashton and with the Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs – released today – Commissioner Georgieva voiced her concern over the difficult political situation and made a call for peace and stability so that the EU can continue its humanitarian efforts, in particular in fighting cholera. Commissioner Georgieva also reviewed European action in Haiti after the earthquake, and announced the continuation of humanitarian operations, which will add up to €33 million in additional funds, in the EC’s 2011 humanitarian budget.