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Hungary accident: European team of five experts to start working on the ground

Rescuers on a street covered in red sludge in Devecser (Hungary) © AFP PHOTO/SAMUEL KUBANI
11/10/2010  - 

A European civil protection team of five experts from France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Germany has arrived in Hungary this morning (11/10) to support the Hungarian authorities in their efforts to combat the pollution caused by the break of a sludge depository in the city of Ajka. The experts will start working immediately in the place of the accident, together with a Commission liaison officer, who arrived to in Hungary on Saturday (9 October). Once on the ground, the experts will: contribute to the assessment of the impact of the alkali sludge on the environment, in particular on agricultural land, water - including underground waters - and flora and fauna; advise on the possibilities of prevention, mitigation and reduction of negative environmental impacts caused by alkali sludge; provide expert opinion on the optimal solution of decontamination of sludge in urban and agricultural areas; and assess further needs, anticipate risks and suggest solutions with regard to the rehabilitation of nature, agricultural and urban land affected.