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Commissioner Georgieva presents her experiences in Sudan in an open dialogue at The Centre

Commissioner Georgieva's visit to Sudan © EU
30/06/2010  - 

On the 30th of June, following her field visit to Sudan, Commissioner Georgieva presented her personal impressions of the humanitarian situation in Sudan at the think tank "The Centre". In an open dialogue conducted by Martin Porter, one of the co-founders of The Centre, Commissioner Georgieva expressed her concern on the security situation in Darfur and in South Sudan, and on the obstacles faced by humanitarian workers in performing their mission.

"The needs in the country are continuing and are even increasing", Commissioner Georgieva said at the presentation. "This reality is at odds with the limited attention that the rest of the world is paying to the plight of vulnerable populations in Sudan. It risks becoming a "forgotten crisis" – where suffering continues but remains effectively invisible to the public and politicians alike".

Commissioner Georgieva made a recollection of her recent mission to Sudan (see blog entry "First rains on Darfur"). On that occasion she visited the fast developing capital, Khartoum, which contrasts strongly with the insecure and vulnerable regions of Darfur and the South, where humanitarian conditions continue to be extremely difficult. In her closing remarks, Commissioner Georgieva made a strong call for action to prevent that Sudan becomes a forgotten crisis. She stressed that security would be one of the key elements to guaranteeing humanitarian assistance. In her opinion it is essential to move to the phase of development to attack the root causes of the problem, while a lasting solution will only come through dialog with the authorities, both in the north (Khartoum) and in the South (Juba).