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Research, Innovation and Science

Commissioner delivers keynote address at the Euromed Conference

Commissioner with Mr Lahcen Daoudi, Moroccan Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training. © Frederic Camallonga, 2012
"Research and innovation are key elements of the European Union's cooperation with Mediterranean countries since we are all facing challenges such as climate change, water and energy. It makes perfect sense to tackle these issues jointly, and to bring our scientists together so they can find the answers we need."



Barcelona, 2 April 2012


It is perhaps a cliché to describe the Mediterranean as the "cradle of European civilisation". But like so many clichés, it carries a fundamental truth.

From the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, to Arab and Renaissance scientists, for millennia the Mediterranean has been a crossroads of science and creativity. The peoples of Europe and the Mediterranean share many common histories and traditions, and increasingly interdependent economies.