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Research, Innovation and Science

Tapping Research and Innovation for Jobs and Growth: Strengthening EU-US Cooperation in Research, Innovation and Science

"The partnership between the European Union and the United States in matters of science and technology - as well as in trade and investment - is rich, deep and fruitful."


Washington, D.C., 1 June 2010

"Ladies and gentlemen,

I’m delighted to be in the United States and to be with you all today. I want to thank the European Institute for its hospitality and for the opportunity to talk about translating research and innovation into the growth and jobs of the future.

It’s a great pleasure for me to spend time with Congressman Gordan. He is a true champion for science and technology in the US and he is certainly no stranger to Europe.

This is my first foreign visit as a Commissioner, but the US is not so foreign to me. On the contrary, I feel somewhat at home.

There is a rich blend of cultures and influences that make up the US. But on every occasion I see so much that I recognise and identify with, from my own country and continent of birth. But that personal connection is, of course, only the tiniest reflection of the mighty transatlantic bond.

The European Union and the United States have a unique rapport as international partners. We share common values and interests, and between us we form the largest bilateral trade and investment relationship in the world.

This is reflected in our scientific and technological exchanges. The US is the international partner with whom we have the richest and most intensive relations in research and innovation. This is true from all points of view: amounts of mutual R&D investment, flows of scientists and researchers, the number of cooperative projects and the number of co-authored publications and patents.

The Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the US was renewed last year until 2013. Last month, senior officials from the European Commission and US government departments and agencies took stock of our annual progress under the agreement.