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Council agrees on framework allowing the EU to take measures against unsustainable fishing

Commissioner Damanaki welcomed EU Council stance in favour of the proposal authorising the European Commission to impose a range of measures against third countries that allow unsustainable fishing.

The Regulation, which was proposed by the Commission in December last year, provides a framework allowing the EU to take measures for protecting fish stocks against third countries engaged in unsustainable practices in the management of fish resources they share with the EU.

Once the Council and the European Parliament will have approved the compromise text agreed by their representatives, the mechanism in place will empower the Commission to adopt measures such as such as quantitative restrictions on the importations of fish into the EU including the stock of common interest and associated species and restrictions on the use of EU ports by vessels flying the flag of the target country. The framework will guarantee strict respect of international law and the countries concerned will be granted an opportunity to be heard before the measures are adopted, and to take corrective actions to avoid them.

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