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Commissioner Damanaki on new WWF study on the external dimension of the Common Fisheries Policy

WWF published today a study "Spatial expansion of EU and non-EU fishing fleets into the global ocean 1950 to the present", showing how that European fleets have been mobile and able to be the first to exploit new fishing grounds since 1980.

Commissioner Damanaki commented: "I can't agree more with those that see the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy as a unique opportunity to overcome once and for all the problem of overfishing, in EU waters as well as on a global scale.

To ensure healthy and productive fish stocks for us, our children and the next generations we must manage them in a sustainable way throughout the world. For example, we need to address the issue of global overcapacity by proposing capacity reduction or freeze and we should launch joint initiatives with key partners to tackle overfishing, paying more attention to high seas fish stocks.

This means increasing our commitment to data collection and applied research to underpin decisions with the best science available, ensuring that the measures taken are complied with, further strengthening the instruments at disposal of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations to combat IUU fishing, such as the catch documentation schemes and other market-related measures."

Read more and comment on Commissioner Damanaki's blog: "A new generation of fisheries partnership agreements"

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