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EU - US dialogue on agriculture

Dacian Cioloş,  Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, receives Ron Kirk, US Trade Representative, Brussels, 25/03/2010

EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Cioloș received US Trade Representative Ron Kirk in Brussels on 25 March 2010. In an open exchange of views, both officials agreed that the global success of trade relations should not be overshadowed by bilateral trade disputes. They  welcomed the resolution of the long running beef hormone dispute. Commissioner Cioloș signalled that the EU is ready to move onto the second phase of the agreement - removing all remaining sanctions and increasing  the quota.

The Commissioner also raised the question of import restrictions on EU beef due to BSE – a bovine syndrome commonly known as the mad-cow disease - which are stricter than the international standards agreed within the International Epizootics Office (OIE). He also underlined that taking into account the Geographical Indications is important for the EU.

The meeting was a good framework to discuss the more general aspects of the Doha Development Agenda. Commissioner Cioloș made it clear that the EU cannot go any further on agricultural market access.

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