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    "Getting people into jobs", Press conference, Brussels Choose translations of the previous link 


    As we underlined in the April Employment Package, employment is a driver of growth, not a by-product of growth. Smart fiscal consolidation, financial reform and combating tax avoidance are all important elements in Europe's efforts to get out of the crisis. But we will not get growth and stability without bringing more people into more productive work.

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    "Making the most of ICT jobs", Lunch hosted by Edit Herczog MEP, Brussels Choose translations of the previous link 


    The employment potential of ICTs is endless and we have to do our best, together with businesses, governments, social partners, academia and all the stakeholders to harness it fully to enable businesses to create more jobs, ensure that workers, entrepreneurs and users acquire the right skills and the systems that facilitate supply and demand to meet are up and running.

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    "Roma - Member States must implement effective strategies", Press conference, Strasbourg Choose translations of the previous link 


    Experience shows that only strong national political ownership, public awareness of the benefits of Roma inclusion, efficient local implementation, Roma participation at all levels and robust monitoring can bring results that we can build on.

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    "Quality employment for young people: how to deliver?", Meeting of G20 Labour and Employment Ministers in Guadalajara, Mexico Choose translations of the previous link 


    Given our shared sense of the urgent need for action, we should send a clear message about putting the quality employment, in particular for youth, and the social dimension high up the agenda at the forthcoming Los Cabos Summit of G20 Leaders.

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    Szociális vállalkozások az Európai Unióbanpdf(473 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 


    Az EU SBI kezdeményezése olyan ösztönző eszközöket kínál szociális vállalkozások alapításához es fejlesztéséhez, melyek  - a társadalmi értékeket figyelembe véve - intelligens, fenntartható és inkluzív növekedést garantálnak. Az érdekeltek minél szorosabb együttműködése össztársadalmi szempontból hasznos tevékenységet eredményez, mely jó példával szolgálhat más vállalkozások számára.

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    11th European meeting of People Experiencing Poverty: Homelessness and Housing Rights in the context of the Crisispdf(17 kB)


    I believe it is very important to warn policymakers in all Member States that we have to strengthen social protection systems. That we do not want to restore economic competitiveness simply by reducing wages, which undermine social stability in many countries.

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    Reforming Cohesion Policy to meet the Europe 2020 targets against a backdrop of social change and labour market challengespdf(24 kB)


    Alongside medium-term fiscal consolidation, financial sector regulation and structural reforms, a broad European consensus is now emerging on the need to re-focus on the Growth Agenda.

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    "The key challenges of the crisis", Conference on "Sorting out the crisis: what's the EU got to do with it?", Manchester Choose translations of the previous link 


    As the International Labour Organisation (ILO) emphasised on Monday in its World of Work Report 2012, the employment slowdown we face is not a normal one. Clearly, the worsening situation partly reflects the predominant focus in the last two years on fiscal consolidation and internal devaluation, which has had a negative effect on aggregate demand. To move away from this "austerity trap", we need an alternative approach, a new jobs-centred approach.

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    Towards a jobs-centred approach to economic policypdf(20 kB)


    The Employment Package identifies the most effective ways and tools for a job-rich recovery, and should be at the core of a future EU Growth Agenda to be discussed in the next weeks.


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