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Commission launches debate on corporate restructuring: what lessons from the crisis?



The European Commission has launched a Europe-wide public debate on corporate restructuring and anticipating change. The consultation will run until 30 March 2012. The aim is to identify successful practices and policies in the field of restructuring and adapting to change.

The results will feed into the upcoming employment package and should help to improve further cooperation between workers and employers' representatives, government, local and regional authorities and the EU institutions. The consultation will also help identify specific restructuring measures that could help deal with employment and social challenges, as well as helping European companies improve competitiveness through innovation and a fast, but smooth adaptation to change.

Lászlo Andor, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion presented the new Green Paper saying: 'To be able to react better in the future, we have to understand the reasons behind the success of some measures in some countries, or sectors during the crisis. We have to look at how measures, like for example short-time work, can be used to deal with the challenges we are likely to face in the coming period". He added "We also want to see how we can best anticipate the employment and skills needs of the future, especially in the light of new challenges and growing social inequalities across Member States. And last, but not least, we want to see how the social impact of restructuring can be limited.'

The Commissioner also stressed how the EU stands ready to help and support Member States through the cohesion policy in particular the the European Social Fund and the European Adjustment Globalisation Fund.

Content of the Green Paper:

The Green Paper includes several questions. In particular, it addresses the following issues:

  • Lessons from the crisis
  • Economic and industrial adjustment
  • Adaptability of business and employability of workers
  • Creating synergies in the process of industrial change
  • Role of regional and local authorities
  • Impact of restructuring operations

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