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Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records

Since it was first published in 2001, the MoReq provides generic requirements for an electronic records management system. It can be used for many purposes, such as designing or evaluating records management applications but also to prepare records management training materials. It has become a guiding principle used by electronic records management system suppliers and developers.

MoReq is intended for use throughout the European Union and by a broad spectrum of public and private sector organisations. As such it needs to have a certain degree of flexibility to take account of different requirements, different records management traditions and different needs. An update to the original specification, MoReq2, was therefore developed in 2008 as a modular specification that can be tailored to different environments.

MoReq2 also introduces the so-called Chapter Zero. This will allow EU member states to add their unique national requirements in order to take account of different languages, legislation, regulations and record keeping traditions.

The MoReq Governance Board (MGB), established by DLM Forum in 2008, is responsible for the maintenance of the specification and oversees compliance testing and translations.

Publication of MoReq2010