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Priority actions of the Council Recommendation (2005/835/CE)

5. Measures to prevent theft of archival documents

A working group for measures to prevent theft in archives, led by the Swedish Riksarkivet, focused on two issues that it considered the most important, first, what measures could be taken against theft from archives and the ensuing trade in cultural artefacts and second, the need to untertake a study that will show the extent of theft problems among archival institutions in the Member States.

The Working Group has fulfilled its assignment. In June 2007 it presented a report pdf - 262 KB [262 KB] to the EAG on theft in archives based on a survey of almost 200 archives throughout Europe. The survey gives insight into the nature and extent of theft in archives. Based on this report the working group sought to provide advice and some recommendations. The group developed some principles and practical guidance for the prevention of theft in archives which will serve as a common tool for archival institutions. The 'Principles and practical guidance pdf - 414 KB [414 KB] ' were presented to the European Archives Group in June 2008.

A declaration pdf - 108 KB [108 KB] français (fr) on the prevention of theft in archives and the fight against their illegal trade was adopted by the Heads of the National Archives of the 27 Member States in November 2008 .

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