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Priority actions of the Council Recommendation (2005/835/CE)

1. Preservation and disaster prevention

The Council Recommendation of 14 November 2005 calls for the development of an action plan to promote damage-prevention measures for documents and archives following natural catastrophes and other harmful incidents, the promotion of Community-wide actions for the preservation and restoration of damaged documents and archives and the establishment and promotion of standards and specifications for the construction of new purpose built archives buildings.

After the publication of the Council Recommendation a tri-national working group on preservation and prevention of damage to archives, chaired by the German Bundesarchiv, was established. The working group has focused on the most urgent of the problems mentioned in the recommendation, i.e. disaster prevention. It has made progress in regional cooperation between the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany and notably in establishing, in 2008, an internet based information service for use in case of catastrophes. This will include a detailed information service for use in case of disasters, with information on disaster prevention and disaster management but also on where to find appropriate resources.

The intention is to enlarge the internet database to a European level as a tool to structure and enable networking between European Archives. This will allow archives across the EU to adequately prepare and react to all possible cases of disasters.

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