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Calls for proposals for Law Enforcement Agencies combating Fraud

Call for proposals for 2013      Closed

The subject of these Calls concerns the sector of activities: technical assistance for national authorities, in particular: providing specific knowledge, equipment and information technology (IT) tools facilitating transnational cooperation and cooperation with OLAF.

The annual work programme of the Hercule II Programme, as adopted by the Hercule II Financing Decision 2013, provides for the launching of two "Technical Assistance" Calls for Proposals in 2013 in order to invite national and regional administrations to submit applications for actions for "supporting the purchase of special equipment and tools needed in the fight against fraud affecting the EU financial interests including detecting the presence of cigarettes and tobacco and investigating smuggling and counterfeiting of tobacco products".

The aim of these Calls is to provide financial support to develop activities for purchasing, implementing and installing special equipment and tools needed in the fight against fraud affecting the EU financial interests.

  • Under the "Investigation Support" Call for Proposals, funding may be requested special investigation tools and methods used in the fight against fraud and corruption perpetrated against the Union's financial interests. This includes:
    • the purchase of new technical equipment or the upgrade of existing technical equipment, as well as maintenance costs in relation to this, to monitor ("tracking & tracing") movements, traffic and telecommunications of vehicles and persons suspected of involvement in irregularities or fraud against the Union's financial interests. Maintenance costs of: technical equipment for electronic and mobile surveillance; technical equipment for the analysis of digital evidence; technical equipment for encrypted communications.
  • Under the "Cigarettes" Call for Proposals, funding may be requested technical and financial support needed to support and strengthen inspections of containers and trucks at the EU's external borders. This includes:
    • The purchase of mobile and fixed (X-Ray) scanners as well as the costs related to their installation and maintenance , used by customs to check containers, trucks and cars crossing the EU's external borders or in transit over the territory of a Member State, in order to carry out checks on the   presence of illicit goods, in particular smuggled or counterfeited cigarettes and tobacco;
    • Training for customs staff to operate the scanner as well as training for the correct interpretation of the images generated by the scanners;
    • Software and hardware to enable the exchange of images, generated by different types of scanners, within and between EU customs.
  • The purchase, training, food and housing for animals (such as sniffer dogs, but also specially trained bees, rats or pigs) used in the detection of illicit goods, in particular smuggled or counterfeited cigarettes and tobacco;
  • The development, implementation, improvement or upgrading of existing automated container-code recognition systems and automated number-plate recognition systems. This includes the development of software as well as the purchase and installation of hardware for systems and training of operators.

The overall budget in 2013 for "Technical Assistance" amounts to € 7.000.000 will be made available for funding applications submitted under both the "Cigarette" Call and the "Investigation Support" Call by national and regional administrations before the deadline on Friday 12 July 2013.

The maximum EU funding for the proposed actions amounts to 50% of the eligible costs.

The actions must comply with the objectives of the Hercule II Programme and the applicant has to demonstrate how the proposed action will contribute to the prevention and combating of fraud affecting the financial interests of the Union, including the fight against cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting. Applicants may submit only one proposal per Call.

Finance available and deadline for applications:

Indicative budgets envisaged for grant awards:  € 7.000.000

Deadline for submission of proposals: 16.00h (Brussels time) of Friday, 12th July 2013.

Documents related to this Call for Proposals:

  1. Call for proposals 2013 - Technical specifications "Cigarettes" msw8 - 147 KB [147 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)
  2. Call for proposals 2013 - Technical specifications "Investigation Support" msw8 - 153 KB [153 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)
  3. Application form msw8 - 215 KB [215 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)
  4. Guidelines for the Application form msw8 - 113 KB [113 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)
  5. Budget form excel8book - 73 KB [73 KB]
  6. Hercule II - Financing Decision 2013 (C(2013)612 final of 7 February 2013) pdf - 106 KB [106 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)
  7. Financial Regulation No 966/2012
  8. Rules of Application No.1268/2012
  9. Commission's Anti-Fraud Strategy (CAFS) COM(2011) 376 of 24 June 2011All available translations. pdf
  10. Financial Identification form
  11. Legal entity form
  12. Beneficiaries of EU FundsAll available translations.Financial Transparency SystemAll available translations.
  13. Introduction to EU FundingAll available translations.

Requests for information may be sent to:

European Commission
European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Call for Proposals  "Technical Assistance"
Unit D.5 - Hercule, Pericles & EURO Protection
Office: J30 – 09/41
B-1049 Brussels
By e-mail to: OLAF-FMB-HERCULE-TA@ec.europa.eu

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